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Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Alma Mater:Peking University
Education Level:研究生毕业
School/Department:School of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Discipline: Computational Mathematics
  • Business Address:文理学部樱顶老外文楼418
    Contact Information:jiangwei1007@whu.edu.cn
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    My research interests lie broadly in the areas of applied mathematics, material sciences, numerical analysis and scientific computing. More precisely, my recent research work relates to modelling and simulation of mathematical problems that arise in the description of natural and industrial processes. In particular, my recent research work is mainly focused on the following problems:

    • Solid-state dewetting of thin films

    • Numerical solutions of geometric PDEs

    • Wrinkling phenomena in thin film/substrate systems; 

    • Applications of Onsager's variational principle in materials science

    • Design of progressive-addition lens.

    Joint Webinar on Analysis and Computation in Materials Science

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    Educational Experience

    • 2001.9 -- 2005.9

      Beijing Normal University       Applied Mathematics       Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree)       Bachelor's Degree in Science

    • 2005.9 -- 2010.7

      Peking University       Computational Mathematcis       With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study       Doctoral Degree in Science      Advisor : Professor Zhiping Li

    Work Experience

    • 2016.11 -- Now

      Wuhan University      School of Mathematics and Statistics      Associate Professor

    • 2013.6 -- 2016.11

      Wuhan University      School of Mathematics and Statistics      Assistant Professor

    • 2012.7 -- 2013.6

      Beijing Computational Science Research Center      Research Fellow      Mentor: Professor Weizhu Bao

    • 2010.7 -- 2012.6

      National University of Singapore      Department of Mathematics      Research Fellow      Mentor: Professor Weizhu Bao and Prof. David J. Srolovitz

    Social Affiliations

    • 2010.10 -- 2012.3

      新加坡 Delta-Optics 光学公司渐近多焦点研究咨询项目顾问

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    Research Focus

    • Interface Problems in Crystalline Materials
    • Modeling and simulations for solid-state dewetting problems
    • Numerical methods for solving geometric PDEs
    • Applications of Onsager's variational principle in materials science
    • Phase-field models, sharp-interface models
    • Applications of the deep learning approach in materials science
    • Mathematical problems in quantum mechanics
    • Mathematical problems for designing progressive-addtion lenses