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Research Field

  • 1 Drought Disaster: focus on tracking and monitoring, spatial-temporal process analysis, quantitative assessment and future prediction methods of agricultural drought and urban drought

    2 Geospatial Sensing Networks: Collaborative Monitoring, Data Fusion and Focusing Services and Typical Applications in Geospatial Sensing Networks

    3 Smart sustainable cities: focus on urban ecology and water system resilience under urban disasters, urban status monitoring, smart city assessment, and UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals SDG

Paper Publications

    Jianya Gong , Xiang Zhang , Xiang Longgang  and Nengcheng Chen.  智慧城市综合感知和智能决策的进展与应用.  Acta Geodaetica et Cartographica Sinica.  48 (12).  1482-1497.  2020-10-02 Aiguo Sun , Rongjun Xiong , Kun Xie , Xiang Zhang  and Liangxiong Li.  无人机大比例尺测量应用于长江航道中的关键问题及适用性分析.  China Water Transport.  19 (11).  137-138.  2020-10-02 Rongjun Xiong , Aiguo Sun , Kun Xie , Xiang Zhang , Nengcheng Chen , Yiqiao Tang , Min Huang , Xiaolin Liu  and Bingxuan Guo.  长江航道无人机大比例尺测图精度分析.  地理空间信息.  2020-10-02 Dong Chen , Xiang Zhang , Nengcheng Chen , Jiansi Yang  and Jianya Gong.  Geospatial sensor web adaptor for integrating diverse internet of things protocols within smart city.  2020 International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing & Spatial Information Sciences.  2020-10-02 Siqi Wang , Xiang Zhang , Nengcheng Chen , Wenying Du , Chuli Hu  and Chao Yang.  A Risk Assessment Framework of Cyanobacteria Bloom Using Landsat Data: A Case Study of Lake Longgan (China).  2020 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium.  2020-10-02


    Nengcheng Chen , Changjiang Xiao , Jizhen Li  and Xiang Zhang.  An Online Open Planning Method for Video Sensor Networks.  Wuhan university.  ZL201310651566.6. 2019-07-12 Xiang Zhang , Chenjie Xing  and Nengcheng Chen.  A Clustering Method for Static Earth Observation Capability of Optical Satellite Sensors.  Wuhan university.  ZL201310070333.7. 2019-07-12 Chong Zheng , Xiang Zhang  and Nengcheng Chen.  A Quantitative Evaluation Method for Dynamic Observation Capability of Satellite Optical Sensors.  Wuhan university.  2015-09-02.  ZL201310020925.8. 2019-07-12

Published Books

    Xiang Zhang , Feiyue Mao , Hongli Li , Changjiang Xiao , Dan Guo  and Jia Sun.  GeoScience Cafe: My Scientific Research Story (Volume 1).  Wuhan University Press.  2016-10-01. 2019-07-12

Research Projects

    Provincial municipal and autonomous regional science and technology projects.  Remote Sensing Monitoring and Quantitative Analysis of Typical Drought Disaster Chain.  2020-10-02 National Key Technologies R&D Program.  Multi-scale Integrated Sensing Service System and Demonstration for City.  2018YFB2100504.  2019-08-16 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).  Multi-source Remote Sensing and Ground Data based Continuous Monitoring and Quantitative Analysis Method for Drought Propagation.  41801339.  2019-07-12 中国博士后科学基金会.  Multi-sensor fusion for soil moisture monitoring.  2018T110804.  2019-07-12 中国博士后科学基金会.  Multi-sensor based Monitoring Method for Agricultural Drought Process.  2017M620338.  2019-07-12